DGAD gets a snazzy makeover

                                                                         By Hansa Sinha

For all the Anti-dumping and Countervailing investigations, Department of Commerce had a one stop destination i.e. a dedicated almost hidden easy to miss section of Trade Remedies at the right side of the website which featured all the cases of DGAD i.e. Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties. All that has changed with an all new dedicated website in the form of www.dgtr.gov.in. Here ‘TR’ of course stands for trade remedies. This website is modern, has increased visibility of this area of law which is extremely important for Indian economy in general. Now you can search for cases, not only by name, but also by their HS Codes/Custom Classification. You are no longer required to go into every case and check for new notices. There is a constant live scroll down of recent activities such as Public Hearing Notices, and newly initiated and notified cases at various stages. While the Ministry of Commerce website for obvious reasons featured photos of all kinds of commerce activities, this website has a vibrant photo gallery section of exclusive activities focused on trade remedies such as the recent Regional Anti-Dumping Workshop for Asian Investigating Authorities by the WTO.

We can also find other fantastic helpful features such as the newly born CVD Cell of the DGAD, a discernible RTI section and not to forget a ‘with-photo who’s who’ section which definitely helps you to understand well about the kind of people who are working so hard to conduct these mind boggling investigations. I think the Downloads section can be improved upon. Further, dedicated publications on the subject should also be encouraged by those working behind the scenes. These may be written by officers themselves, or the firms involved or even the industries. All in all a great Shubharambh!!


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