Hello world!

By Hansa Sinha

This blog/website is meant to breakdown trade law in India into simpler components for a better understanding. Now some would say what’s the need ? Wait are we getting ahead of ourselves ? One second! What is trade law ? Well as a part of trade law I am going to be discussing herein (too much legal drafting in office!) Anti dumping law, Safeguard law and Subsidies and Countervailing duties. These are three most important pillars of trade law in India and therefore my primary interest in these three. Out of these Anti Dumping law and Safeguard law have a flourishing practice in India while Subsidies and Countervailing law is in nascent stage. I will explain these in detail in the later posts.

However, for now Let me list down my objectives for making decodingtradelawinindia.

1. I want to put down the answers to the questions relating to this field  that were there in my mind before and at the beginning of venturing out in this field of law. This I hope will benefit the law students who want to work in this field.

2. I want to document my understanding of the field by writing down. The various concepts can create quite a jumble in my head and writing down simplifies and generally helps one to stay knowledgeable in their chosen field.

3. Discuss various  events and happenings related to trade law particularly relating to India.

Let’s get started….shall we ?


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